Chamber of Commerce Attestation

Chamber of Commerce Attestation

Generally document authentication process begins and ends with verification from the government authorities. However, when it comes to commercial documents the legalization involves an authority that is independant of the main government but it still requires attestation from the central government. Chamber of Commerce document attestation is the authentication of the commercial documents provided by the higher authority. It is the initial and mandatory part of the commercial document attestation in India. This attestation procedure can be approached with the help of attestation services to ensure attestation in time or on an urgent basis. The services will rule out the queues and obtain the commercial document attestation hassle-free.

What is a Chamber of Commerce Attestation?

The process of obtaining authentication from Chamber of Commerce attestation is the process of getting a stamp from the higher authority. The authentication is upheld by the stamp applied to the backside of the documents attestation is also required at the times when you need to make a business transaction overseas. It is one of the business visa requirements that will need further processes of attestation as well.

Why is Chamber of Commerce Attestation needed?

Certificate attestation in India is carried out for several purposes, including authentication for business transactions overseas. Mostly, the stamp is incorporated to legalize the commercial documents that are required for proving the legitimacy of your company papers and that of the services or products rendered by your capital. The concoction of certificate attestation includes Modification Of Share Capital Attate Attestation, Tourist Licence Registration Attestation, Quotation Attestation, and a few others.

How to get Attestation from Chamber of Commerce?

The attestation can be obtained directly, which usually would take longer than when you appoint the attestation services to get the job done for you. There are certain privileges granted to these services that let them cut through the haste and allows them to get the document attestation in a comparatively shorter time. We at Certificates Attestations will procure the stamp for you even on emergent requirements.

Asked Qustions

The attestation is the first step of commercial document attestation. The procedure requires about a few 3 to 5 days to complete to be further attested by the concerned authorities. However, the period of attestation will still vary depending upon other factors like a requirement for emergency service or validity of the documents.

The cost of certifying documents will vary depending on various reasons. The type of service it is needed for, the origin of issuance or add-on facilities acquired. The attestation fee for different types of commercial documents is different and if the attestation is being done for business visa requirements, cost of certifying documents will vary again. Also, for best deals contact our executives.