GAD Attestation

GAD Attestation

Some states have specialized departments exclusive to that particular state which perform document legalization along with other state businesses. Certificate attestation in Hyderabad secretariat is an exclusive department coming under GAD. In India, authentication from GAD is performed at the state level for the verification of the educational documents and in some cases personal documents as well. It is an indirect process that requires the certification of your documents and certificates from the University of issuance as well. Approaching it with the help of legalization services will rest assure that the time consumed will be more precise than the time required when directly applying for the same.

What is GAD Attestation?

Its full form is the General Administration Department Attestation. It means getting the attestation stamp on your documents from the General Administration Department (GAD) of a state government. It is the legalization process followed to authenticate your documents and to verify that you are a legitimate individual. In some states it also it’s known as HRD attestation which is generally required on educational certificates. In some states, it is also done on personal documents.

GAD Attestation Telangana

It is most popular in Telangana state & done in the state’s secretariat’s office in Hyderabad. The procedure is similar to HRD for other states & explained in detail below. It's needed to be done from the state government’s office in Hyderabad which is hectic and time-consuming. For your convenience, GAD in Hyderabad secretariat can be obtained from attestation services in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Why is GAD Attestation required?

GAD for certificates and documents is required when you are applying for a student visa, employment or work visa in another country. It is a mandatory step of legalization for the destination country. It is carried out for the educational certificates and documents that are being demanded by the concerned authority overseas. This ensures the authenticity of the essential documents and certificates. You might need to do other document verification from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India & Embassy as per requirements.

How to get GAD Attestation?

In order to get this, you need to approach certified services as the process is indirect and can be truly time consuming and dreary. Certificates Attestations attestation services carry out the process with utmost accuracy and to ensure customer convenience and proper care of documents. We have services for all levels of document verification and are done by professionals only. Our quality services make us renowned agents in India.

GAD Attestation Procedure

The procedure is time-consuming considering the authorities involved in the process & is mentioned below:

Notary Attestation:

It is done at the primary level. The notary is the initial step of document legalization. A stamp and signature are provided on the document as a part of the proof of authenticity.

GAD Attestation:

The step after notary is acquiring the certification from the state government. The GAD then renders a stamp and signature on their behalf so that the MEA can witness its legitimacy.

Asked Qustions

Duration mainly depends upon factors like the type of documents you need to get attested, the attestation service provider you have chosen, the university the documents were issued. Generally, takes about one to a couple of weeks. It is also determined by the time required from the university the certificate was issued from. The university certification is obligatory for the process for the same.

The cost of certification verification services differs depending upon a set of reasons. The prices could be high or moderate as per the requirement. It generally is based on the type of document, the university involved, the urgency of the requirement and a few others. To get the best deals on fees, contact our executives.